After successfully launching my INNER COMPASS ORACLE cards, here comes my first reading.

After successfully launching my INNER COMPASS ORACLE cards, here comes my first reading.


Since I love the MOON so much I am doing this reading today at the November  FULL MOON

To start, I pulled one card to represent today’s Full Moon in Gemini underlying energy: it is MANIFESTATION – which fits this high energy moment of things coming to full fruition.


  1. What energy is highlighted at this Full Moon?

NEW BEGINNINGS ~ after going through a major transformation the time is ripe for something new to come into your

life. Don’t look at what might have been but look at what can unfold now.  If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. Take your time to adjust to a new way of being. This is a rebirth. Take your time – but be sure to open the door and make room for new beginnings!

Use this card to
• take your time to adjust to endings and new beginnings
• celebrate a new chapter starting in your life
• meditate on your Root chakra



  1. How can I use this energy for my highest good?

SUCCESS ~ Embrace this moment of accomplishment. Take time to celebrate your achievements mindfully. Ask yourself: how do I define success? What is needed to accomplish your goals in a way that is less stressful? The true measure of success may be how many times you can bounce back from failure. For now, believe in your success and enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you love what you are doing and never give up, you will be successful. There is more success dawning already at the horizon.

Use this card to

• remind you to celebrate your success stories – big and small
• help you to visualize and manifest success and abundance in any area of your life
• meditate on the Solar Plexus Chakra


  1. What is illuminated by the Full Moon that needs to be released?

AWAKEN ~ Awaken your senses to your internal divine nature. Let go of what is keeping you locked in an unconscious dream. Recognize and allow the actualization of the spiritual gifts within you. Release the fear to come into your fully awakened power. Shine like the sun, fly like the crane, blossom like the lotus flower.

Use this card to

• awaken your senses to the divine beauty of the natural world
• assist the actualization of unexpressed potential within you
• meditate on the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra




  1. How can I stay grounded during this process?

SIMPLICITY ~ Staying grounded through simplicity. Declutter your home and make room for what’s really important to you. Embrace the simple pleasures, meditate, have a cup of tea, take a walk in nature. Go offline and cherish the little things.

Use this card to

  • remember to take a break and enjoy the simple pleasures on a daily basis
    • ask yourself where you complicate your life and where you can simplify your thinking and doing
    • meditate on the Root chakra


  1. Where does my inner power lie that is revealed by this Full Moon?

INTUITION ~ Your intuition is your inner compass. Listen to your intuitive voice and trust your inner guidance.  This is where your true power lies, and this power is with you at all times. Take a moment to breathe deeply, close your eyes, meditate and claim your intuitive power. All the answers are within you.

Use this card to

• tune into and trust your intuitive knowing
• help you make authentic decisions from the heart
• meditate on the Third Eye Chakra




  1. What needs to be fully embraced during this phase?

EXPLORE ~ as you trust your intuition you are ready to explore: to explore is to get out of your comfort zone, to venture to new terrain, to try new things and to discover the places that excite you – internally and externally. Embrace your freedom to explore and dare to leave the shore for new unknown lands. Dive into the depth of your being and discover new worlds. Your inner exploration will take you places you never dreamt possible.

Use this card to• explore what you really want and to come up with creative ways how to achieve your dreams
• envision new pathways and make some travel plans
• meditate on the Third Eye Chakra




  1. What positive energy will come to fruition from this Full Moon?THE STAR  ~   Wish upon a star on this Full Moon day. Shine your own light that is reflected back at you and believe in yourself. Remember that you hold within you all that you need to reach your highest potential. You are truly blessed by the universe- YOU ARE A STAR!

Use this card to
• install in you a renewed sense of hope and to believe in your own light
• encourage you to reach for the stars
• meditate on the Crown Chakra



I feel that this reading is all about manifesting and claiming our divine power. Trusting our intuition, inviting success, exploring our true nature and awaken to the magic of the star energy inside us.

I hope you enjoyed this reading! I appreciate your feedback

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Xo, Heather


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