An art journal is a marvellous thing. It’s a visual dairy, a log book, an intimate companion, a confidante, a story teller. It tells the story of your dreams, visions, inner landscapes, creative explorations and, gives you ultimate freedom for raw and authentic self-expression – if you just dare to let go and allow yourself to play.

© Copyright 2020 Heather Hoeps

Art journaling came back into my life when I wanted to experiment with new techniques and mediums of expression beyond collage. Here I can try new things and develop a process oriented practice- and actually enjoy that the process.  An art journal is a place where I can be completely myself. It gives me space to relax and not having to be making “perfect art”. It’s a place to experiment, to turn over a page and start anew, any day.

It patiently let’s me glue, paint, draw, gesso, collage, write, stick, stencil, stamp and stitch. My journal holds those moments forever within its pages as a witness. It might still be here, long after I have gone.

Art journaling has become a beloved regular art practice and I work in 3 journals at a time. In one of them I only paint intuitively on a larger scale- because that is what I want to currently practice. I have a different relationship and practice with each journal. They are all different companions and teachers.

© Copyright 2020 Heather Hoeps

Art Journaling can be a wonderful method of self-care. It’s saying “yes” to your feelings, embracing what images, colors, shapes and words want to show up, be seen and explored.

 Would you  like to start your own art journal but don’t know how to begin? The great news is: you don’t need to know anything about art and can start with just a sketchbook and some colored pencils or a marker. Then after a while you will want to start exploring paint, collage papers, pastels and discover your favorite mediums and materials. I believe that  you fall in love with art journaling, too.

Follow me along in below video. Let’s have some fun!