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SOULCOLLAGE® SUNDAY – HOLIDAY EDITION December: Divine Feminine Archetypes

8 December @ 14:00 - 17:30


‘Discover Your Wisdom, Change Your World’™

Embark on a creative inward journey this Winter and discover the intuitive practice of SoulCollage® as a way to connect with your authentic self and discover the wisdom of your heart.

My SoulCollage® series invites you to explore your intuition and your inner resources through the transformative method of creating and working with intuitive collages. It’s a wonderful tool to address the question “who am I and what is my purpose on this earth”? It’s also a great way to get in touch with the many parts of your personality, your community, your dreams, your spirit guides, etc.

Over time you will create an incredible deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help you with life’s questions, challenges and transitions.  This is a multi-leveled, creative process which anyone can do and that is very powerful in creating community and connection with others, too!  It is a fun and inspiring way to get to know yourself more deeply in a creative and transformative way. 

Read more about SoulCollage® here


In December we will meet the “Council Suit” (The Archetypal Dimension) and connect to the Divine Feminine Archetype(s) in our lives

***In addition, I would like to celebrate the Holiday Season and 2nd Advent (and our last workshop of the year) with tea, cookies and other seasonal goodies with you! I will provide home-made Glühwein 🙂
If you would like to bring a typical dish or sweet treat from your country you are welcome! ***


The Goddess or divine feminine archetypes from various cultures are energetically alive in the collective Unconscious at all times. They can act as powerful guides in our lives, bringing a mythic and universal component to our SoulCollage deck. These archetypes are asking us to get in touch with them to understand our special place and gifts as women in this world. They can help us tune into our Higher Self that knows what drives us and what our soul needs and wants. These archetypes show up to share their particular wisdom and energy to help us navigate our individual life path within the collective whole.  They also help us to see and integrate our shadow parts.

According to the Swiss Psychologist C.G. Jung, Archetypes exist as  a psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals and which he called the”collective unconscious”.  This collective unconscious does not develop individually but is inherited and can be experienced consciously only secondary – through the imagery of dreams, visions, mythology and art. By consulting a Council card, we step into the source of our passions, the force of our strengths, and the longings of our soul.


art work by Heather Hoeps®

Seena Frost, the Mother of SoulCollage®, describes Archetypes as…

… the invisible guides, challengers, creators, and destroyers, known across time and cultures by many names, yet being somehow universally present in the collective unconscious of the human race.

Here is a small list of feminine archetypes that might be familiar to you:

  • The Great Mother
  • Wise Old Woman/Crone
  • High Priestess
  • Witch/Medicine Woman
  • Queen/Empress
  • Huntress
  • The Maiden
  • Siren





What to expect:

  • Introductions with Oracle Cards
  • Creating Connection & enjoying tea & seasonal sweet treats
  • A brief overview of the SoulCollage® method & the Council Suit
  • Guided Meditation
  • Card (Collage) Making
  • Journaling & Self-Reflection
  • Group Reading
  • Show & Tell
  • Closing Circle


What to bring:

journal & pen



Cost: 30 EUR

includes tea, sweet treats & all art materials

Workshop start time: 14:00
Workshop end time: 17:30


*There are only 10 spaces available and I will be operating on a “first come, first served” basis*

*Your place will be secured once your payment has been made*

* If you have any financial troubles and yet feel drawn to take part in this workshop, please email me and we will work something out.

*This Workshop will take place in ENGLISH*



“TREE OF LIFE” SoulCollage® cards are for personal use only and are shared publicly only when sharing one’s own personal process. This is a card from my personal SoulCollage® deck. I acknowledge and thank the photographers who make this process possible.




Heather is a certified SoulCollage® facilitator who loves to share her passion for intuitive collage,
personal transformation and spiritual growth with other women from around the world.


8 December
14:00 - 17:30
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Heather Hoeps


“Heart” Studio
Friedensallee 26
Hamburg, 22765 Germany
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SoulCollage Sunday Holiday Edition-Archetypes30,00