Fall 2024: 'Persephone's Path'

Inspired by the mythological story of the Goddess Persephone and the concept of the Hero(ine)’s Journey, this program takes you on a profound 6-month inner journey through six psycho-spiritual stages of change and transition.

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This program is for you if:

You are…

Currently navigating a major life transition

  • Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a career shift, or a personal transformation, you find yourself in the midst of uncertainty and change.

Struggling with fear of the unknown, self-doubt, or identity shifts

  • If you’re grappling with the emotional complexities of loosing the familiar structure of your life and your personal sense of self—this program is crafted with you in mind.

 Longing for a transformative journey of self-actualisation 

  • Seeking more than just surface-level solutions, you yearn for a deep exploration of your strengths and insights that goes beyond the ordinary.

Craving a supportive community during these challenging times

  • Imagine finding solace and understanding in the company of like-minded women, all on a collective journey of growth and transformation.

In need of practical tools to navigate change with confidence

  • You’re not just looking for theory; you want actionable steps and holistic coaching methods to tackle the practical aspects of your transition.

 Yearning to cultivate personal empowerment, resilience, and clarity

  • You’re ready to embrace personal empowerment, cultivate resilience, and gain a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

If you nodded along with any of these, Persephone’s Path is crafted especially for you. Explore the transformative possibilities that await on this empowering journey. Let’s navigate change and transition together!

The Roadmap

Mythological Wisdom:

  • Immerse yourself in the timeless story of Persephone, uncovering the spiritual lessons and psychological transformations within her myth. Your journey will be a tapestry woven with the threads of ancient wisdom and your own unfolding into rebirth..

Therapeutic Collage:

  • Engage in the transformative power of creative expression through  therapeutic art & collage, including the SoulCollage® method. These guided activities serve as portals to your inner world, allowing you to visually manifest your aspirations, fears, and strengths. Your collages become tangible symbols of your evolving self, reflecting the layers of your Heroine’s Journey.

Tarot & Archetypes:

  • iluminating psychological insights from the subconscious and providing a conduit for intuitive guidance throughout your journey with the major arcana archetypes.

Journaling and Reflection:

  • Unlock the written language of your soul through guided writing exercises. Dive deep into self-reflection as you explore the themes of the Journey. These reflective moments provide a sacred space for you to script your own narrative, fostering a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and intentions.

Guided Meditation and Active Visualization:

  • Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of guided meditations and active visualizations. Picture yourself standing at the threshold of change, ready to descend into the depths of self-discovery alongside Persephone. Feel the transformative energies of the underworld and visualize your rebirth into a new, empowered version of yourself.

Life Coaching Tools:

  • Equip yourself with practical life coaching tools, exercises, and action prompts tailored to the themes and goals of each month. These tools act as compass points, guiding you through the practical aspects of your journey. From setting intentions to taking actionable steps, these coaching tools ensure your transformation is not only meaningful but also grounded in your everyday life.

Sacred Community:

  • You’ll not only unlock personal growth but forge a powerful sisterhood connection where the strength of each woman contributes to the collective empowerment. Expect group sharing and discussions to foster shared experiences, diverse perspectives and the development of genuine connections and trust.

The Destination:

Profound Inner Shift:

  • Experience a profound and lasting shift in your perspective and understanding of your life situation.
  • Witness a transformative inner change that goes beyond surface-level adjustments, creating a substantial impact on your inner self.

 Empowered Self-Narrative

  • you will have crafted a new narrative for yourself, one that is not bound by past limitations but shaped by newfound insights and empowerment.
  • You will rediscover your life story with a fresh perspective, allowing you to define your journey on your terms.

Revitalised Energy & Clarity: 

  • Feel the surge of revitalizing energy coursing through your being, infusing every aspect of your life with renewed vitality.
  • Revel in the heightened clarity that now guides your every move, providing a crystal-clear roadmap for your future endeavors. 

 Newfound Inner Resources & Resilience

  • You’ll unlock a hidden reservoir of  inner resources and resilience that have become integral parts of your being.
  • You’ll navigate challenges with grace and confidence, drawing upon your inner well of resilience and resourcefulness. Decisions will align with your authentic self, paving the way for a life driven by purpose and fulfillment.

 Renewed Approach to Challenges of Change 

  • You will view and navigate the recurring cycle of endings, new beginnings and the transitional phase with a refreshed mindset. Challenges are no longer stumbling blocks; you will understand that they are stepping stones for your personal evolution through the insights gained in the program..
  • Your renewed approach will be marked by a deep understanding of the spiritual and psychological growth that can emerge from all your life’s experiences.

 Your Personal Tool-Kit for the next chapter

  • You’ll be equipped with a powerful toolkit, a collection of creative and spiritual  tools, mindfulness techniques and practical action steps gathered through the program.
  • You’ll harvest ‘pearls of wisdom’ and practical strategies which you will integrate and personalize to your specific needs – empowering you to confidently step into the next chapter of your life. 

Who is Persephone?

Goddess of Spring & Queen of the Underworld

In the tapestry of mythology, few figures embody the cyclic archetypal experiences of descent (endings/change), spending time in the underworld (transition phase) and rebirth/ascent (new beginnings after deep transformation) like the ancient Greek Goddess Persephone who is unexpectedly plunged into the underworld, symbolizing the challenges and shadows we face in life.

In the darkness of the underworld, Persephone undergoes a profound metamorphosis. As she navigates the depths of her own psyche, she discovers wisdom, inner strength, and a newfound identity through integration of light and shadow. Her journey resonates with the cycles of life, death, and rebirth—reflecting the natural ebb and flow inherent in personal transformation.

The myth of Persephone provides a rich and symbolic framework that will inspire and guide us through the intricate and sometimes challenging process of  navigating change and transition in this 12-month coaching journey.

"Find your Answers on the journey from who you were to who you are becoming."

“The story of Persephone becomes a symbolic guide, mirroring the stages of personal growth and transformation. From reflection and the descent into the unknown to facing fears, embracing renewal, and finally emerging transformed, this program provides a sacred space for women to navigate life’s transitions with intention and purpose. The goal is to provide a nurturing environment and community for women to embrace change, celebrate growth, and step into their own power.” – Heather Hoeps


  1. Holistic Integration of Practical Life Coaching:

    • Persephone’s Path stands out by seamlessly blending practical life coaching techniques with spiritual tools and therapeutic art activities. This unique integration allows you to not only gain practical skills for navigating real-world challenges but also tap into your spiritual and creative dimensions for a more comprehensive and transformative experience.
  2. Spiritual Tools for Deep Inner Exploration:

    • What sets this program apart is its emphasis on spiritual tools, particularly psychological tarot guidance, as a means of deep inner exploration. You not only receive practical guidance for your life transitions but also connect with your inner wisdom, fostering a holistic approach to personal development that goes beyond the surface and into the spiritual realm.
  3. Therapeutic Art as a Catalyst for Transformation:

    • Persephone’s Path harnesses the power of therapeutic art as a catalyst for personal transformation. The incorporation of specific creative activities allows you to externalize your inner landscapes, making the unconscious aspects of your soul tangible. This unique aspect provides a creative outlet for self-expression, facilitating healing and self-discovery in ways that traditional coaching programs often overlook.


🌷 Special Bonus: The Inner Journey Tarot 🌷

As a special jewel of your “Persephone Path” experience, you will receive a complimentary copy of my Inner Journey Tarot – a 22 Major Arcana deck for self-discovery, incl. a 70 page eWorkbook. – mailed to you with free shipping!

Each card represents a powerful archetype who will act as  a doorway to self-discovery, offering profound insights and guidance as you navigate the stages of your journey in this program.

Real Women - Real Results

Preliminary Agenda

September: The Threshold

* Welcome & Introduction * The Heroine's Journey and the Persephone Myth * Reflection & Recognition of the 'tower moment' * Exploring personal challenges and obstacles * Drawing parallels between the stages and seasons of Persephone's myth and those of your own life. 

October: Mapping the Underworld

Exploring the depths of the inner self * Identifying conscious and unconscious fears, patterns & beliefs * Unravelling of self- limiting narratives around identity and life path.

November: Facing The Abyss

The Descent * the abyss, facing and transforming the core challenge * Retrieving "pearls of wisdom" from the shadows * Alchemy of Transformation * Embracing Dualities * Mid-Journey Reflecting on progress and growth

December: Navigating the Liminal Space

Understanding the transition phase between endings and new beginnings * Rest, Learning mindfulness tools, meditation, physical restoration * Reflection on the pearls of wisdom

January: Preparing for Rebirth & Renewal

Mapping your Unique Path * Preparing for psychological, physical, and spiritual renewal * Goals and intentions for the spiritual rebirth and return to ordinary life * Empowering the Inner Heroine.

February: The Ascent - Rising into wholeness 

Celebrating the completion of your journey * Reflecting on insights, triumphs, and lessons learned * Define your personal tool kit * Group sharing * Closing ritual & celebration

Enrolment opens 01 August 2024


An online membership typically centers around a shared interest or community, offering online access to resources and networking until you cancel your membership.

 On the other hand, online group coaching is specifically designed for learning and personal development, involving structured coaching sessions, accountability, and interaction with both the coach and fellow participants. While both involve community, memberships focus on shared interests, while group coaching emphasizes learning and guidance within a group setting.

My group coaching involves guiding and supporting a collective of women in a shared learning environment, fostering group interaction and accountability. It’s about leveraging shared insights and creating a community of learning. On the other hand, one-on-one coaching offers a more personalized experience, where I work individually with a client, tailoring guidance to their specific needs and goals. It ensures a highly individualized and focused approach, allowing me to address the unique circumstances and objectives of each client.

Coaching with therapeutic art and art therapy share some similarities, but they also have distinct differences in their approaches, goals, and professional standards.

Art Therapy:

  1. Professional Training: Art therapy is a regulated mental health profession that requires practitioners to have specific educational and clinical training. Art therapists typically hold a master’s degree in art therapy or a related field and adhere to ethical standards and licensing requirements.

  2. Clinical Focus: Art therapy is primarily focused on psychological and emotional healing. It involves using art-making processes and creative expression as a therapeutic intervention to address mental health issues, trauma, and emotional challenges.

  3. Therapeutic Relationship: Art therapists establish a therapeutic relationship with clients and use art as a medium for self-expression, reflection, and exploration. The emphasis is on the therapeutic process and the client’s emotional experience.

Coaching with Therapeutic Art:

  1. Coaching Framework: Coaching with therapeutic art is often rooted in a coaching framework rather than a clinical therapy model. I have  foundational  training and experience in Jungian art therapy and holistic life coaching, tarot coaching and other related fields, however I  use art as a tool within a coaching context.

  2. Focus on Goal Setting and Action: The primary focus of coaching with therapeutic art is often on goal setting, personal development, and facilitating positive change. It integrates art as a means to enhance self-awareness, creativity, and insight, with an emphasis on helping clients move forward and achieve their objectives.

  3. No Clinical Diagnosis or Treatment: Unlike art therapy, coaching with therapeutic art does not involve clinical diagnosis or treatment of mental health disorders. Instead, it is more about personal growth, empowerment, and supporting clients in achieving their aspirations.

.  All creative activities in my coaching programs are low-threshold exercises that can have therapeutic effects, and can provide deep insights that lead to better self-knowledge, stress reduction and potential shifts in consciousness.

However, it is not  meant to take the place of a licensed art therapist. If there are specific mental health concerns, consulting with a licensed art therapist or mental health professional may be appropriate.

Absolutely not! The creative exercises are for everyone to enjoy and explore themselves through. Everything will be explained step-by-step so that you will feel comfortable. The most important part is the process of creating, not the end result. Is it after all not an art session but a soul work session using mostly collage as a tool to access you inner world.

You certainly do not have to know how to read tarot as we will approach the cards as a psycho-spritual tool for intuitive self-discovery and not for divination. If you sign up for the program you get a complimentary copy of my ‘inner Journey’ tarot deck, a 22-card major arcana only deck which we will use in the program. It comes with a free pdf-guidebook to familiarise yourself with the cards.

It is not possible to sign up for individual sessions as this program is designed to be a 6-month coaching journey where one module builds on the next. This also ensures a consistent experience and growth process for everyone in the group.

The 6-month package has to be paid in full upon registration or in 4 equal payments.

If you have to miss a session you will have access to the replay and all handouts.

You will have access to the 6 recorded sessions until 3 months after the program has ended.

You will have access to a private Facebook group where I will also engage and answer your questions.

Still have questions?

I’m happy to answer them. Click below to contact me.

DISCLAIMER: Although this program can feel healing and have a therapeutic effect it is not meant to take the place of psychotherapy.