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Welcome to your personal journey of creative




Welcome to your personal journey of creative self-discovery! I am honored to be your guide through powerful, creative soul-transformation sessions that will empower you to open the gates to your heart and soul. In these unique one-on-one sessions you will realize your inner resources and gifts, and discover trust in your own intuitive guidance. Absolutely no artistic experience is necessary to benefit from these sessions.

✔️ SessionS take place online via Zoom in English or German    

Are you…

  • wanting to find clarity in your current life situation? 
  • longing to connect to your own intuitive wisdom?
  • ready to experience a breakthrough with the spiritual guidance of your Higher Self?
  • curious about exploring your inner resources and arriving at new insights through the magic of intuitive collage?

This session includes:

  • intuitive tarot/oracle card reading
  • guided meditation & visualization
  • intuitive collage making session incorporating the SoulCollage® method
  •  2 hr Session: 150€ 


Contact me via email for more info and to book your session.



SoulCollage® is a creative and powerful way to access your intuition, your inner guidance and your resources in a magical and intuitive way. 

In this 1:1 session I will introduce you to the method and the main principles of SoulCollage®. I will teach you how to create and interpret (“read”) your first SoulCollage® card to reveal one aspect of your personality or Soul. And, working with a unique question and journaling method, you will learn to use your card intuitively to guide you in times of change,  transition and uncertainty. You will delight in experiencing how this process can foster self-discovery and self-expression.

  • This course has 4 modules (8hr total) 
  • Cost: 260€

I also offer a more comprehensive introduction course (12hr total) that prepares you to take the SoulCollage® facilitator training. After completing the course you receive an official certificate of completion.

Contact me via email for more info.

The Benefits To your soul

  • Self-Discovery: turning toward our emotions fosters awareness of subconscious thought patterns, inner resources, gifts and strengths.
  • Self-Esteem: Connecting with the valuable resource of self-empowerment improves confidence, self-worth and personal power.
  • Emotional Release:  Expressing feelings through colors, forms and images in a safe, held space fosters inner peace and catharsis.
  • Stress Relief: Creating freely without judgement relieves stress and relaxes the mind and body.
  • Spiritual Connection: Establishing a connection to your Higher Self through guided meditations and visualizations creates inner strength and resilience.

What Others Say about Working with Me

„The sessions I’ve had with Heather have taken my spiritual awakening to a whole new level. I had the sessions in crucial challenging times in my life where I needed to get some clarity, connect with my soul and own intuition to guide me. I never expected to feel so enlightened and understood and hopeful as I did by the end of the sessions.

Heather has an incredible gift to make you feel comfortable, safe and supported through the session. She has a special ability to help you connect with the universe and your inner wisdom and to guide you with the reading of the cards. 

If you are at a roadblock in your life or just wish to connect with your own intuition on a deeper level, I cannot recommend Heather enough. One session with her can be life changing.„

Jessica Hernández

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