Impressions of a women’s workshop to celebrate the Divine Feminine through Yoga, Meditation, Dance & Intuitive Collage

This month, I started collaborating with International Yoga Teacher, Maddie Lynch (The Vegan Yogi Traveller) to bring my vision of a new holistic workshop format to life. I wanted to host unique workshops that combine intuitive creative expression with yoga, meditation, music, dance, and more. I no longer enjoyed the focus on teaching art techniques and wanted to work in a more free and process-oriented way.

The intention for our first workshop together was to awaken and empower the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is all about connecting back to our inner wisdom and creative flow. It resonated with women who wished to embrace their femininity and oneness with their body, mind & soul.

In the first half of the workshop, led by Maddie, we dived into the experience with Pranayama (breathwork) to ground our energy, followed by a Shakti Goddess Yoga Flow. Elements of ecstatic dance, enriched the yoga practice in order to awaken the dormant Goddess. This half of the session ended with a powerful ‘Discovering the Goddess within’ guided meditation that touched many of us at a deep level.

After a tea break with vegan snacks and time to chat, we moved to the art studio downstairs to create an intuitive collage that brought our individual Goddess energy into visual form. At the beginning of the workshop everyone had intuitively selected a special Goddess Tarot card, in order to draw inspiration and tap into their particular current Goddess archetype.

After a brief demo session all participants eagerly started playing with the large selection of collage materials, images and art supplies. As usual, I was happy to provide guidance throughout the creative process and rejoiced in the exquisite artwork every single woman created. It is a joy to witness the inner artist and inner wisdom shine through every woman that has ever attended a workshop, including those, who do not think they have any artistic abilities.

In our final “show & tell” everyone relished not only the beautiful creations but the deeper meaning and intuitive guidance each one of them encountered in and through their collages.


The positive feedback we received after the workshop, confirms my desire to create more of them and continue to work together with other women for body, mind & soul nourishing workshops. I am truly grateful for the beautiful souls who attended this workshop and made it such a soulful experience.

Watch this video to enjoy some close-ups of the stunning art work that was created in this workshop…

*Read more about Maddie and her Yoga journey here

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