On this year’s first day of Spring we also see a Full Moon in Libra at 0°. Doing some research on a couple of astrologer’s websites about these two events occuring together, I came across this: “you will really feel change staring you in the face.” I find this very interesting as the cards I pulled for this Spring Equinox Full Moon from my “Inner Compass Oracle” Deck are “CHANGE” and “THE Moon” – the “Moon” card always shows up when I do a full or new moon reading with my oracle deck. I mean, it is so obvious, I sometimes put it back into the stack, but it keeps jumping out. So I guess this card has an important message that wants to be contemplated more deeply at this time than any other.


Oracel cards “Change” & “The Moon”


The moon is all about emotions, intuition and when it’s full, about completion and releasing. Everything is intensified at a full moon. As this is a Libra moon when day and night are of equal length, I see this as a very imporant reminder to think about balance – how we balance our emotions and our energy. Moving from a season of rest and withdrawal to a season of action and rejuvenation requires paying close attention to what our body and soul needs to move into Spring.

The “Change” card makes a lot of sense in this regard, too, as the beginning of Spring marks a big turning point. Nature changes as it wakes up from the cold and long nights of winter, and so do we. We have come full circle with growing our seeds in the dark during the ‘going-within’ season of winter. Now these seeds want to sprout and grow. We are asked to shed the old and let in the new. So open the windows and let in some fresh new air.  Take a deep breath and start slowly, this is only the beginning! Read more about my Spring rituals for a a fresh start here.

How can we best navigate change? By watching how nature does it. It does not resist when it’s time to wither nor when it’s time to bloom again. It flows with the natural rhythyms of life and is fully present in each season, knowing they all hold their special gifts. 


                                                       **              **                 **                 **                 **             


  • Embrace the fullness and ever-changing tide of your emotions.
  • Do a moon ritual,
  • Dance in the moonlight
  • Keep a moon phase journal
  • Channel the moon goddess
  • Create a moon themed collage
  • Pay attention to your dreams



  • Change is inevitable and the only constant in our lives
  • Change is only painful if we resist it. Are you open to
  • How can you navigate times of upheaval with
    trust and confidence?
  • What do you need to do or let go of
    to make any necessary changes in your life?
  • Create a vision board with images that reflect what you want to manifest and how you want to feel once it is in your life


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