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👑🌸  T H E   E M P R E S S  👑🌸

This year I like to celebrate International Women’s Day with a special new card in my Major Arcana Collage series:  THE EMPRESS! She is the Great Goddess who ruled the ancient world before patriarchy claimed male domination superior. But as Starhawk said:

“The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world”.

She is Venus and she walks the earth with the power of  love. She is surrounded by the glory and beauty of #nature. She is in full bloom, voluptuous, sensual and full of earth’s plentiful abundance.


With The Empress we approach life through the wisdom of our rich emotions, our passions and feminine qualities. Let’s remember and celebrate them in ourselves – no matter what gender! Let’s celebrate those divine feminine qualities to heal the earth.

To watch the full creative process and how I made this card for my new Major Arcana tarot deck, head over to my YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe  and follow me on Instagram @heatherhoepsintuitiveart



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