The Emotion of Creating

I know a lot of you are interested in the connection between creativity and healing. I am happy to share with you the “Creative Soul Healing Podcast” episode 100 in which I speak with Larissa Russell the owner of Creative U about healing through creativity and how having been through a journey of healing brings us to a place of being able to help others authentically. I also share insights about my own  healing journey with creativity. Enjoy listening!

If you are interested in working with images creatively for personal growth check out my holistic “Art & Soul” sessions which are a mix of coaching, counseling and guiding using intuitive methods like SoulCollage® and a variety of other creative tools, materials and methods to connect you to your own inner healer. Each session is custom made for you. I am happy to connect with you for a free consultation.


ART & SOUL SESSION: Getting into a dialogue with the images

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