Launching 12 APRIL 2022!

💫 I am thrilled to introduce you to my Major Arcana Tarot Deck, the “INNER JOURNEY TAROT”

 This hand-made collage deck consists of the 22 major arcana cards of the tarot which represent the archetypal journey of the soul towards wholeness. While the cards draw their inspiration from the imagery of the Rider Waite Smith tarot, I created the art work in this deck intuitively and introduce my own symbolism and extended interpretation.

The purpose of this deck is to provide you with a spiritual self-coaching development tool. As you meet the archetypes through the major arcana cards they will invite you to look deep inside and reconnect with who you really are from your soul’s perspective and what you really desire; with what’s driving you, what’s holding you back, how to grow and evolve through the ever changing joys and challenges of your life’s path.

The creation of this deck is inspired by my passion for the psychology of Carl Jung, his concepts of individuation, the Archetypes and the Shadow. My background in art therapy, together with my knowledge of the Tarot and a deep intuitive and spiritual approach to healing and growth through symbols and creative expression have contributed to the making of this special deck. 

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