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“Transcendence: Art & Spirituality ” – FREE Summit – June 20-25, 2022

I am excited to let you know that I am part of the “Transcendence: Art & Spirituality Summit” which is FREE to access from 20-25 June, 2022!

Larissa Russell of Creative U invited me to share how I work in my tarot art journal to explore subconscious archetypal energies using oracle & tarot cards, expressing intuitive insights through intuitive art and working with the SoulCollage® method to reveal and connect to deeper meanings and higher guidance. This class is truly filled with magic and wonder. 

AND, there are 27 other wonderful presenters sharing amazing sessions such as:

* Radical Positivity
* How to Use Tarot Cards to Break Art Block
 * The Patterns of Spirit

 * Connecting to Your Intuition

* Intuition as a Gateway to Creativity
& many more


So come and join us to explore the magic in your own creative expressions from June 20-25th, 2022!

CLICK HERE to sign up – access is FREE for a limited time only! 


🎨💫 My class will be available from June 24 (Day 5) until end of day June 26! 🎨💫

And if you want unlimited access to all the 28 sessions you can have those for only $55.55!

Plus, if you purchase before June 19, 2022, you will receive a free ticket to Creative U’s Summer Solstice Ritual on June 21


Hurry over so you don’t miss out on any of the amazing content.

I can’t wait to seeing what you create (don’t forget to join the private Facebook group to connect with me and the other presenters and creators and share your work)!

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