I love taking photographs of beautiful places while traveling. Usually I do not take any art supplies with me. On my recent trip to Sweden, however, I took a sketchpad, ink pen, pencil and water soluble crayons  with me and discovered the joy of travel sketching and illustrating with ink and watercolors! 

Gamla Stan - Old Town Stockholm

What I love about this art form is that it can be done with a few lines and some color and immediately makes your favorite travel location scenes come to life. I do not draw or sketch a lot and somehow that gave me the freedom to just go for it without looking to be perfect at it. When it comes to these small pieces I do not care about them being a perfect rendition of the scene or replication of my photographs I use as a reference. I am just having fun and enjoy them in addition to my travel photos. I love how they bring back the memories when I look at them!

From now on I will be sure to take a little sketchbook and pencil with me on my trips.

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