Hello, Beautiful Soul,

I am so grateful and excited to share with you my Inner Compass Oracle Card deck.

As an intuitive artist, I channel inner messages through images, colors, and visual storytelling. Over the past few months it became clear to me that there was so much more the Universe had to say through my collages.

The transition from collage to oracle cards, has been an organic development of my journey as an intuitive artist.

The original wooden oracle cards are also for sale in my Etsy Shop!

The Inner Compass Oracle is a brightly colored, vintage inspired oracle deck and consists of 49 images of handmade mixed-media collages on wood which I created over the last three months. Read all about the journey of creating my own oracle deck here.

The Deck Includes:

* 49 cards professionally printed on high quality card stock with beautiful rounded corners (50 cards in total with title card)

*  cards measure 3.5 x 2.3 inches (8,8 cm x 5,9 cm)

* each deck arrives in its custom hand-decorated box to house your cards

* a free PDF guide with suggestions on how to use your cards (link will be sent to you upon purchase)


The oracle cards are a tool to align yourself with your inner truth and wisdom

I created this one of a kind deck to help you access your internal compass for daily guidance from your higher self over any situation in your life. The evocative story telling will open your heart and connect you to the wisdom of your subconscious mind. The simple, yet powerful one-word messages are meant to stir your intuition leaving enough room to reveal your own inner truth.

This Deck Can Help You to…

  • Create a daily practice of connecting to your inner wisdom
  • Access your intuition
  • Learn how to ask your soul for guidance with the right questions
  • Discover and activate your inner resources, gifts and strengths
  • Increase your self-knowledge
  • See a situation from a wider perspective
  • Take new positive action
  • Speak your truth
  • Manifest your dreams into reality
  • Develop self-trust during challenging times

My Inner Compass cards draw their rich symbolism from the world of dreams, spirit animals, nature and universal archetypes. They make use of the healing energy of color and reflect my love for vintage imagery. Each card is a beautiful work of art and a powerful tool for transformation that can stand on its own.

Let the colors and the symbolic storytelling stir your intuition.

How You Can Use These Cards

You don’t need to have experience with spiritual practices or oracle cards to receive benefits from this deck. You can start by drawing one card and ask open ended questions regarding a current situtation in your life, for example: “What can bring me into alignment right now?” or “What can support me to be present and see opportunities today?” or “What will help me to move forward in this situation?” When in doubt, look at your card and write about what you see happening. For example in my card “Faith” you see a deserted castle and a tree in winter. Even though the castle has been abandoned and the tree has lost its leaves, with Faith they will be inhabited and bloom again in time. The rainbow and the birds in the blue sky speak of a new dawn. Faith is believing that there is another Spring at the end of winter.

How can you keep the faith during challenging times? How can you inspire hope and patience in others?

I have created a free pdf guide which you can downlaod and print upon purchasing the deck. It contains key words, rituals and sample questions for each card as well as sample card spreads. In any case, I encourage you to find your ultimate guidance through your own intuitive wisdom.

Look out for my next blogpost in which I will explain two sample spreads and how to further enrich your experience with these cards.

Who or what is calling you to listen? Who or what is speaking? Are you afraid to listen to your own heart? Do you need to listen to your intuition? Are you present in this moment?

As you work with the Inner Compass Oracle, I hope you will find it an essential spiritual tool for aligning with the divine guidance that lies within your own soul.


*        *       *

The oracle deck is a great gift to yourself or for a friend that wants to connect to his or her internal compass.


Look out for my “Inner Compass Oracle” Instagram feeds & Stories

I love seeing how you use my cards and look forward to hearing about your experience with this deck

Please share your pics #innercompass_oracle


With Love & Blessings,



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