My Oracle Cards Project or Rediscovering my true Creative Vision

There are three distinctive features about my most personal art work:

They are COLLAGES, they come in VERY SMALL FORMATS and are created INTUITIVELY.

The most imporant factor though is WHY I create these little works of art: they fulfill my need to connect to my intuition, my feelings, my higher guidance, the mystery of the great themes in life and they are a way for me to not only  connect but also to experience revelation, healing, growth and transformation. That means, that my art holds a deeper message that comes from the depth of my subconscious mind.

BIG STUFF! Oh, yes, it is!

So after a few months of joyfully exploring and playing with other forms of ceative self-expression like art journaling, abstract painting and a variety of other mixed-media techniques, I realized that it was time to return to my true love: intuitive miniature collage that has a spiritual message.

And the Universe heard my calling. By chance (or by fate) I came across the lovely American artist Cathy Nichols and her online course for artists who want to create their own deck of oracle cards.

Immediately I knew in my heart that I had found the project to take me and my art to the next level. It includes what I am most passionate about – art & spirituality –  and I adore working on wooden panels. Wood is my favorite surface for any mixed-media application.

Choosing oracle themes, selecting collage images, picking a color palette, creating backgrounds with acrylic paints, tapping into my intuition. Oh, what a joyful process!

Color palette for the cards

My vision is to complete a full deck of 40-50 oracle cards that are intended for publication and sale in my upcoming online art store. Together with other selected art work I hope to be able to launch them by late Fall/early Winter 2018.

The first cards – still need some fine tuning. Knowing that this is a very ambitious time line I will concentrate my artistic vision on these little gems for the next 2 months. After all, these cards are more than pretty images. They convey a sense of awe and mystery and can help you tap into higher wisdom and guidance.

I will keep you posted on the process/progress in my upcoming newsletters. Let me know your feedback. I would love to hear from you!


The abandoned looking fortress and the tree in winter – they seem dead and lonely and and at the same time they radiate something solid and unshakeable; they know they will survive and be inhabited/blooming again in time. The rainbow and the wite birds flying in the blue sky promise a new beginning and happiness. That is how “Faith” is born. And Transformation follows.