Meet the Artist

I believe I became an artist for two reasons: First of all, I am obsessed with beauty and art. Secondly, I needed a way to express my inner world. Collage was my first love and it will always be my favorite medium of storytelling. My oracle and tarot decks are hand-collaged with some mixed-media touches. After spending time exploring different artistic mediums I eventually coming back to the intuitive magic of collage.

Making art is a necessary tool for my inner well-being, creative outlet, and spiritual connection with my Higher Self. I did not trust in my creative gifts until I was in my 30’s which goes to show that it’s never too late to find your unique way to creative joy. I earned a degree in Art History from UBC in Vancouver, Canada and later studied art therapy. Becoming confident as an artist took time. I created mostly for my own eyes and joy. 

Meet the Teacher

When I moved to Spain in 2008 I started creating and teaching collage and mixed-media to women in small group workshops and the teacher in me emerged.

With time my passion for personal growth and healing through creativity shifted the focus from teaching techniques to facilitating “Art & Soul Sessions” which included intuitive spiritual guidance with oracle cards and creative activities like intuitive collage. With my background in art therapy and certification as a SoulCollage® facilitator I continued to grew as a teacher and guide and expand my skill set.

I noticed real shifts in the women I worked with and witnessing the self-discovery (both creatively and spiritually) and the rising sense of self-empowerment and connection continues to bring me deep joy and fulfillment. 

In 2024 I developed what I call “Creative Soul Coaching”. It is my most powerful way of working and achieving lasting results with my clients.

Becoming a Deck Creator

Some real magic happened when I created my first collaged oracle deck in 2018 after taking a course with Cathy Nichols. A couple of years later a Major Arcana tarot deck was born. 

Creating these decks has given me the opportunity to combine my love for visual storytelling with collage in a very small format with my passion for oracle and tarot decks, as well my interest in mythology, symbolism and archetypal psychology.

It felt like I had found my unique voice and style both artistically and spiritually.

Discovering Painting

I always loved learning new skills and try different materials, mediums and techniques. However, it was not until 2023 when I took a year off due to burn-out that I fully immersed myself in painting. I fell in love with painting semi-abstract landscapes in acrylics and mixed-media. I took many classes and filled a lot of sketchbooks. I enjoyed painting on paper and wood panels the most and I love using color and bold brush strokes. It was never my intention to show or sell my work. I just painted for the pure joy and sense of healing it brought me, however, in the end, my paintings turned into something magical….Click on the button below to find out!

Let's get creative

By now you might feel itchy to get out your magazines and scissors or pick up your paint brushes. So I picked out four videos from my YouTube channel for you. Have fun!

In this short video I share with you how to have fun with creative expression in a playful, intuitive and loose way.

Grab your coffee, your art journal and let's have a chat about the creative process!

If you are into art journaling and love travelling as much as I do I think you might enjoy these two videos from my YouTube Channel:

This video was inspired by a trip to Sweden.Turning travel photos, sketches and memorabilia into a little travel art journal.

These mixed-media art journal pages were inspired by a trip to Meersburg castle at Lake Constance in Germany and a 19th century poetess.

Here are a few more impressions from my creative life over the past few years - I hope you enjoy!