In 2018 I took an online course with Cathy Nichols that changed my life. I hand-collaged 50 tarot card sized wood blanks  and created my first oracle deck which was printed the same year in a pocket format and has become a bestselling oracle deck on Etsy: The Inner Compass Oracle. 

During my 2-year art therapy foundation training I got fascinated by archetypes, fairytales, Jungian Psychology and got more into Tarot. This fascination manifested in another hand-collaged deck which was published in 2022: The Inner Journey Tarot – a 22 Major Arcana Deck for Self-Discovery. 

During a year of painting and working with affirmations I created my third deck: The True Colors Affirmation Cards & Journal.

I feel deeply touched and grateful that these decks are bringing joy and deep insights to beautiful souls around the globe. 

Three Soul Companions

Inner Journey Major Arcana Tarot

Inner Compass Oracle

True Colors Affirmation Cards

"Heather's decks have opened the door for me to explore creative art therapy and collage journaling. Thank you!"

The Creative Process

The following playlist on my YouTube channel offers you an intimate peak into the creative process and the passion and purpose that drove me to create my major arcana tarot and oracle decks.