“It is through change that we unlock the sacred purpose embedded in the tapestry of our soul’s heroic journey, allowing us to soar to unimaginable heights of fulfillment, growth and self-realization.”

– Heather Hoeps

My Coaching Approach

Welcome, I’m Heather, your passionate guide on the journey of self-discovery and transformation. Having personally navigated through countless difficult and significant life shifts, I understand the challenges as well a the growth opportunities that come with fully embracing your destiny.

My mission as your coach is to guide you into the depths of your soul, embracing the unique beauty of your individual path. Together, let’s explore the rich and intricate threads of your creativity and spirituality.

If you’re ready to navigate life’s twists and turns with authenticity, nurture your soul, and step into a life filled with purpose and joy, you’re in the right place. I am here to support and empower you!

My Background

For more than a decade, I’ve been devoted to guiding women on their journey of self-actualization —a journey where creativity becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and spirituality serves a guiding light for inner growth and transformation.

With professional training in a variety of holistic Coaching methods, I skillfully guide my clients through thoughtful questioning, fostering self-reflection, cultivating a growth mindset, and ultimately crafting personalized action plans and strategies. 

With a foundational training in Jungian art therapy, I’ve witnessed the incredible power of creative expression in fostering healing and self-knowledge. Art has the ability to speak the language of the soul, providing a unique and profound means of exploration and transformation.

As a certified SoulCollage® facilitator, I weave psychology, spirituality and creativity into my coaching approach. SoulCollage®, a very deep intuitive process, taps into the depths of the soul, allowing individuals to create not only a visual representation of their inner world but give voice to parts of their Psyche. This powerful tool becomes a mirror for self-reflection and a catalyst for profound personal growth.

I invite you to discover the magic
that happens when creativity and spirituality converge, guiding you towards a more profound understanding of yourself and the boundless possibilities that await. 

Whether you’re facing a challenging transition period, seeking a breakthrough in a stagnant situation, or longing for a profound connection with the clear vision of your Higher Self, I’m here to guide you. Let’s work together to gain clarity about your next steps, providing you with a valuable toolkit and actionable steps tailored to your path.