Embracing the Wisdom of Winter

Embracing the Wisdom of Winter

A Season For Going Within

Winter, with its crisp air and glistening frost, carries a tapestry of symbols that transcend the mere chill in the atmosphere. The barren trees, and the quietude that envelops the world convey a deeper message.

As winter blankets the world in a quiet hush outside my window, the landscape undergoes a transformation, and nature enters a period of dormancy. The symbolism of winter, rich and profound, invites us to explore the spiritual gifts it bestows, the natural cycle of life and death, and the profound call to go within.

Trusting the Natural Cycle

"Faith" card from my "Inner Compass Oracle" deck

Winter is one of the four chapters in the grand narrative of the natural world, a testament to the cyclical nature of life. The falling leaves and the apparent lifelessness of the landscape symbolize the inevitability of death and the importance of accepting it as an integral part of the larger journey.

The dormant fields and sleeping animals demonstrate the necessity of a period of repose for regeneration. In the stillness, we find the space to rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and spirits.

In the stillness, everything seems to come to a halt, mirroring the winter season where nature appears dormant on the outside. Yet, beneath the surface, a profound and mysterious process unfolds—a natural cycle of endings and beginnings, of death and rebirth. The resilience of nature in the face of winter’s harshness teaches us profound lessons. Trees may stand bare, but their roots run deep, drawing sustenance from the earth.

Similarly, life’s challenges may strip us of the superficial, but our inner strength sustains us through the harshest winters.

Winter reminds us that every ending is a prelude to a new beginning. The falling snow conceals the promise of a thaw, and the cold earth cradles the seeds of spring. Embracing the inevitability of endings allows us to welcome the potential for fresh starts.

Creative Winter Exploration

In the spirit of embracing the wisdom of winter, let’s embark on a creative journey that blends introspection, affirmation, and a touch of mysticism. This activity includes journal prompts, affirmations, and a 3-card tarot spread to deepen your connection with the season and your inner self.

Lessons from the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana Tarot cards “The Hermit” and “The Hanged Man” represent the spiritual lessons and gifts we can receive when we retreat within, rest, and be still for some time. It’s a call to detach from the external hustle, to find warmth and light in the hearth of our inner selves.

cards from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck

Take a moment to look at the these archetypal figures. Let them speak to you, ask them a question, imagine their transformational story. What wisdom do they have to share?

Guidance from the Inner Journey Tarot

“Introspection” is the name of the Major Arcana card of “The Hermit” in my “Inner Journey” Tarot deck. 

The card signifies a time of retreat for deep rest and exploring the guiding light within.

The card shows a bear withdrawn into a green cave amidst a barren winter landscape. His fur is white to represent his quest for a new spiritual transformation during a time of transition. The celestial forces above the bear shine their guiding light to help awaken his inner light.

Rest - Retreat - Vision Quest

The card invites you to soul search in quietude away from worldly activities which can lead to powerful new insights and increased self-knowledge.

Clear your mind from everyday clutter, refrain from busyness, take a pause and go within to contemplate the next steps in your life once winter transitions back into Spring.

Winter Wisdom Tarot Spread

Tarot cards can offer insightful perspectives on your current state of being and guide you toward a deeper understanding of your inner landscape.

Grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck for this 3-card spread:

  • Card 1 – The Dormant Seed:

    What aspect of your life is currently in a state of dormancy, waiting for the right conditions to bloom?

  • Card 2 – The Inner Resilience:
    How can you tap into your inner strength and resilience during challenging times? What resources lie dormant within you, ready to be activated?
  • Card 3 – The Winter’s Gift:

    What wisdom or opportunity does the winter season hold for you? What can you learn or gain from embracing the stillness and going within?

Journaling Prompts

  • Reflect on the Dormancy:

    In your journal, explore the symbolism of winter in your life. What aspects of your life feel dormant or in need of hibernation? How can you embrace the wisdom of stillness in these areas?

  • Inner Resilience:

    Consider the resilience of nature in winter. Write about times in your life when you demonstrated resilience in the face of challenges. How can you draw on this inner strength during your own “winters”?

  • Endings and Beginnings:

    Contemplate the concept of endings leading to new beginnings. Are there aspects of your life that are coming to a close? What possibilities and opportunities might be hidden within these endings?

As you delve into your journaling, incorporate affirmations to anchor your reflections and intentions.

Affirmations for Winter Season

  • I embrace the stillness within me, finding peace in the quietude.


  • In the dormancy of winter, I discover the seeds of my own renewal

  • I trust in the wisdom of endings, knowing they pave the way for new beginnings.


  • My inner strength, like the roots of ancient trees, sustains me through life’s winters.

Take your time with this creative exploration, allowing the symbolism of winter, the power of affirmations, and the insights from the tarot spread to weave together a tapestry of self-discovery. Embrace the beauty of your inner landscape, just as winter unveils the intricate beauty of the seemingly barren world.

As I come to the end of this blog, I invite you to find your own rituals for entering stillness and introspection. A walk by yourself in nature, reading a good book, a hot bath with candles and the phone turned off, a Yoga or mindfulness practice. What supports you in going within, slowing down, nurturing the seeds of your soul? Let me know in the comments section.

Last winter I started painting and it became a precious journey into my inner world. A journey that was marked by joyful solitude and connecting with the Sacred.

In acknowledging the unseen transformations, we discover the timeless wisdom that winter imparts—a wisdom that transcends the seasons and resonates within the depths of our souls.

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