The Inner Journey Tarot is a celebration of the the human journey of your Soul through the 22 archetypes of the Tarot. This hand collaged major arcana deck serves as a road map for the intuitive exploration of your true Self. Discover your connection to the divine mystery of life, your higher purpose and soul path.

The Inner Journey Tarot Deck includes:

  • 22 Major Arcana Cards plus 1 title card
  • Tuck box
  • Interpretation Booklet
  • Bonus: 70 page interactive flip pdf workbook

22 Mirrors of your Soul

The 22 archetypes of the Tarot mirror the levels of human development, life stages, and experiences. Explored by psychologists, artists, and thinkers for centuries, these archetypes offer profound insights into the human journey.

Because images speak louder than a thousand words, Tarot emerges as a brilliant tool to illuminate the psycho-spiritual energy surrounding a situation. It can help in  revealing what is happening now, what is required in the present moment, and the actions (or inactions) you can take.

The images within classic Tarot decks based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck –  which the Inner Journey tarot is inspired by – are rich with archetypal symbols, vividly illustrating internal processes. They serve as a starting point for problem-solving and the exploration of new possibilities. This is not about fortune-telling; instead, a touch of magic accompanies you as you marvel at how seamlessly the cards align with your questions and situation, shedding new light on your path.

"Your vision will become only clear when you look into your heart. . .
who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens."

The primary purpose of this deck is to enrich your personal soul work. Each card invites you to discover your multi-dimensional self and to understand major archetypal life lessons and experiences from a spiritual perspective.

The bonus eWorkbook is a deep-dive into the deck and guides you through your initiation process, amplifying your intuitive connection and insight. Each card asks deep, meaningful questions which can be further explored through creative journaling, intuitive art projects, active imagination, storytelling and meditation. Intuitive exercises, inspirational tarot spreads & lots of inspiration will make you confident to read the cards for yourself.


Inner Journey Major Arcana Tarot Deck

includes 70 page interactive flip pdf eWorkbook



Inner Compass Oracle & Inner Journey Tarot Bundle

includes 70 page interactive flip pdf tarot workbook & oracle pdf guidebook



"Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own light.”