Shine your True Colors with my new deck!

My newest creation is here:

The “True Colors” Affirmation cards and Journal!

The creation of this affirmations card deck was born from my passion for intuitive painting, my experience with the power of positive affirmations, and the magical effects of color. I hope the True Colors Affirmation cards and journal will support you in shining the colors of your soul and bring you joy, inner peace, and healing.

The True Colors Affirmation Deck includes:

  • 30 stunning, hand painted affirmation cards (9×13 cm / 3.5×5 inches)
  • A gorgeously designed Lid box
  • A beautiful softcover Journal (A5)
  • Bonus: a free downloadable eWorkbook (flip-book style)

"Happy Thoughts are a habit."


About the Deck

The intention of the True Colors affirmation cards is to motivate, empower, and inspire you to shine your “true colors” – meaning to feel happy and confident with being your authentic, unique, divine self. 

The 30 cards come with a beautifully designed softcover journal featuring one of the paintings included in the deck. The right side of the journal has been left blank for you to use creatively. Try doodling, drawing, or collaging your thoughts and feelings in response to your experience with the affirmation cards. At the end of this workbook you will find several practical worksheets for working on your thoughts and mindset.

The free bonus eWorkbook provides suggestions for how to use the affirmation cards and the accompanying journal. It also includes a surprise coupon code.

3 Options to Choose from:

Option 1 includes:

  • 30 affirmation cards
  • 1 softcover journal
  • free downloadable flip pdf eWorkbook


Option 2 includes:

  • affirmation cards & Journal
  • free downloadable flip pdf eWorkbook
  • PLUS 1 wooden card holder


Premium option includes:

  • affirmation cards & Journal
  • free downloadable flip pdf eWorkbook
  • 1 wooden card holder
  • PLUS 3 large round stickers (8cm in diameter)


"The True Colors affirmation cards feature for the first time my paintings. Each card is a work of Art!"

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