“I AM” – Two words that can change your life

The empowering impact of "I Am"

The moment you say “I Am”, you activate and empower whatever words come after.

This means that the words you choose speak after saying “I Am” can have a profound impact on your self image and the way you feel about yourself. They can empower you to reprogram negative thoughts and beliefs and claim a more empowering identity.

By using the power of “I Am,” you can change the way you view yourself and how you want to show up in the world and in your life.

For example, when you declare: “I Am confident,” “I Am worthy,” or “I Am peaceful,” you are affirming these qualities within yourself.

“I AM That” – Activating Consciousness

I Am Presence” is a spiritual concept that refers to each individual’s Highest Self, Divine Essence, and Oneness with  Source.

“I Am Presence” is the point of union with Divine Consciousness.

The I Am Presence is the divine spark within you,  the part of you that is eternal and in total unity with the Divine beyond the physical realm.

When you say “I Am,” you are affirming your existence as a spiritual being and activating your consciousness.

The "I Am One Who" in SoulCollage®

2 cards from my personal SoulCollage® deck

SoulCollage® is a trademarked transformative method that invites you to explore and express different parts of your Self by making collaged cards, and consulting them to provide personal guidance.

In SoulCollage® no one interprets your cards (like a tarot reader might do). You make your own cards from images that you have chosen because they have meaning for you. You yourself speak with the voice of those cards to yourself.

Using the “I am one who…” method to let an image speak to you is an intuitive way of listening to your Higher Self.

Give it a Try

Step 1:

You can try the process using the copyright-free image on the right or go through a magazine and tear out a page with an image that seems to “speak” to you, that pulls you in, that you find intriguing even though you are not quite sure why. Trust your intuition and do not think during this process. Be sure the image has no text on it (or trim the page to remove the text). We are working only with the image.

Step 2:

First gaze deeply at the image. Is it a person? A child? Is it an animal? Perhaps a tree? A sunset? There can be a lot going on or not much at all. The image will have a certain energy, though. 

Step 3:

Step into the image and feel its energy, its mood, its intention. Imagine it has a history, and that it has a voice. Begin to speak, or write if you are journaling, using the words, I Am One Who… and go on from there, speaking in the first person as if you were the image.

Example: "I am one who lets her spirit soar free like a bird"

At first it may seem awkward or childish to speak aloud this way, but trust that there is “gold” in this process, and give it a try. 

The entire process is described in the book “SoulCollage® Evolving” written by the creator of the process, Seena B. Frost.

FRee Workshop

In this free recording of a Soulcollage® workshop I facilitated in 2022 I invite you to experience the process and power of the “I am one who…” method. Just Follow Along or watch it first and then try the entire process. It’s a really powerful one, that can be life-changing.

 Materials needed:


  1. magazines with lots of images
  2. a substrate, e.g. cardboard (around 5×8 inches)
  3. glue stick & scissors

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