Shine your True Colors with Affirmation Cards

The creation of this affirmations card deck was born from my passion for intuitive painting, my experience with the power of positive affirmations, and the magical effects of color. The True Colors cards feature for the first time my paintings.

I am so excited to share them with you now!

The story behind the cards

 I discovered landscape painting during my sabbatical year which was filled with soul searching and healing work. I had stepped away from everything and it turned from a kind of creative soul therapy into one of my new passions! 

I enjoyed learning a new art language through the mediums of acrylic and gouache paint. It was a discovery of a world of inner soul landscapes pouring out onto the paper. It was truly a mystical experience similar to how I experienced creating my oracle and tarot decks. 

I revelled in exploring color palettes and painting (inner) landscapes, most of them intuitively. Painting trees gave me a lot of joy. I subconsciously sensed that I needed their grounding and nurturing energy. I realized that all of the landscapes held some magical healing energy and revealed themselves as inner land, dream, and soul scapes.

Around the same time, I started to meditate and work with daily affirmations to deal with health issues and a continual feeling of losing and re-finding myself as an artist and small business owner. During these months of transition and transformation I kept an affirmations journal. 

“I began to feel very strongly that a new deck wanted to emerge out of the paintings and that it was going to be an affirmations deck.“

The Journal & eWorkbook

When you purchase the deck you will receive a FREE downloadable bonus eWorkbook with several practical suggestions on how to use the cards. In addition, it  comes with worksheets for working on your thoughts and mindset.

Every deck comes with a 48-page softcover journal featuring a stunning painting. 

The right side of the journal has been left blank for you to use creatively. Try doodling, drawing, or collaging your thoughts and feelings in response to your experience with the affirmation cards.

The Joy of Color

Healing Affirmations

“The affirmations on the cards have been selected very thoughtfully to match the energy of the paintings. The bold colors contribute to the healing and uplifting energy of the affirmations.“

The intention of the cards is to motivate, empower, and inspire you to shine your “true colors”   – meaning to feel happy and confident with being your authentic, unique, divine self. In addition to the written affirmations, color is the other key visual language of the cards. Colors have the power to influence our mood and can produce a variety of emotions. Colours can be calming or stimulating to the body and mind. The True Colors Affirmation cards radiate colors that are uplifting, stimulating, healing and grounding. 

Some fun extras

I had a lot of fun designing some stickers for the premium gift option. I think they are stunning and can be used in your affirmations journal, your water bottle or planner.