Spring New Moon Awakenings

New Moon Tarot Spread for Renewal 🦋 and Intention Setting 🌱

During a new moon, the moon is not visible from Earth, symbolizing a blank slate. This emptiness invites us to let go of past cycles and make room for new intentions and goals. It’s a time to start fresh, setting the stage for what we wish to grow in the coming lunar cycle.

As the Earth awakens to the whispers of Spring, we too are called to embrace the energy of renewal and the promise of rich new beginnings. In this season of  new growth and blooming possibilities, we turn to the wisdom of both tarot and oracle cards to guide us on our journey of growth and transformation. 

No matter what season, new moons are always a powerful symbol of fresh starts.In essence, the new moon’s energy is a call to action, urging us to envision and embark on new journeys.

Here’s an enriched spread that combines the insights of both systems (tarot and oracle wisdom) to illuminate the path of renewal and growth.

1. Seed of Intention: The Seed You Plant

  • Tarot Card: What intention or desire are you planting for the season/new lunar cycle ahead?
  • Oracle Card: What wisdom or guidance supports the nurturing of this intention?
  • Interpretation: Reflect on the energy and symbolism of the tarot card as it reveals the seed you are sowing during this new moon cycle. Then, consider the insights and guidance offered by the oracle card as you set your intentions for renewal and growth.

2. Fertile Ground: Where to Focus Your Energy

  • Tarot Card: Where should you direct your energy and attention to support the growth of your intention?
  • Oracle Card: What unseen energies or influences are at play in this area?
  • Interpretation: Explore the fertile ground revealed by the tarot card and the areas of your life most receptive to growth. Then, consider the guidance provided by the oracle card, offering insight into the unseen energies and influences supporting your intentions.

3. Blossoming Potential: What Will Flourish

  • Tarot Card: What aspects of your life hold the greatest potential for growth and expansion this season/new lunar cycle?
  • Oracle Card: What blessings or opportunities are emerging to support this growth?
  • Interpretation: Discover the areas of your life ready to blossom and flourish with the energy of renewal through the tarot card. Then, explore the blessings and opportunities emerging to support this growth, as revealed by the oracle card.

4. Nurturing Waters: What Supports Your Growth

  • Tarot Card: What resources, practices, or support systems will nurture and sustain your growth?
  • Oracle Card: What additional guidance or support is available to you on this journey?
  • Interpretation: Uncover the resources and support systems that will nourish your intentions and help them take root with the tarot card. Then, embrace the additional guidance and support offered by the oracle card to enrich your journey of renewal and growth.

5. Blooming Outcome: The Potential Harvest

  • Tarot Card: What is the potential outcome of nurturing your intentions and tending to your growth this season/new moon cycle?
  • Oracle Card: What blessings or gifts may manifest as a result of your efforts?
  • Interpretation: Trust in the potential reward that awaits you as you cultivate your intentions and embrace the energy of renewal with the tarot card. Then, welcome the blessings and gifts that may manifest as a result of your efforts, as revealed by the oracle card.

As you weave together the insights of tarot and oracle cards, remember that you hold the power to shape your destiny and manifest your dreams. Embrace the new moon magic of renewal and the promise of new beginnings as you embark on this journey of growth and manifestation.