Whatever comes in life
Even if it rocks you deep down
Take a decision and make up your mind.

Even if mountains will be put in your way
The only thing which counts is a strong will.

And a heart like a lion.

Nothing will be unreachable then
and respect will be your companion.

-Petra Yasmeen Baroness von Schleinitz

A new moon in Leo

Today we have a New Moon in the zodiac sign of LEO. 
This sign is represented by the lion, and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They’re delighted to embrace their royal status: Vivacious, dramatic, creative, self-confident, charming and passionate, Ruled by the Sun, Leos have no problem with celebrating themselves and they enjoy basking in the spotlight. They are loyal, natural born leaders who lead with a generous heart.
I can relate to all of the traits having my ascendent sign in Leo and I am counting on the courage, confidence and strength of the lion to balance my much more introvert and sensitive Pisces Sun and Cancer moon.

I celebrate that golden, dramatic and regal energy in the mixed-media art journal page you see above. The lion and the sun are digital images I added at the very end. Maybe you feel inspired to create your own art journal page with the symbolism of the lion and the sun (and the element of fire which is still strong since the Summer Solstice).

The Lion in my SoulCollage® Deck

The beloved lion Spirit animal appears frequently in my SoulCollage@ deck, too.  As an important spirit guide and as my Solar Plexus animal companion (as part of the Energetic Suit in SoulCollage®).

The Lion and the Sun Element in Tarot

Above are two cards from my “Inner Journey Tarot” Major Arcana deck associated with the Sun and the sign of Leo: XVIIII Illumination (“The Sun” card in traditional tarot) and VIII Maturity (The “Strength” card in traditional tarot).

New Moons are the perfect moment to set new intentions and plant seeds for the next moon cycle. What do you want to grow in your life? If you find some time, do some journaling, make a SoulCollage® card or create a vision board. And, of course pull some oracle cards.

I am also sharing some new moon guidance with you from my 2 decks with a message that seems to resonate beautifully with the themes of courage, leadership  and self-confidence in the hopes to (re)-ignite those traits  in your heart! Because we all have that brave and golden heart of  a lion somewhere inside of us.

NEW MOON TAROT & ORACLE GUIDANCE with the "Inner Compass Oracle" & The "Inner Journey Tarot"


I love pairing tarot cards with oracle cards for a comprehensive message. I have pulled one card from each of my decks for some Leo new moon guidance. 

Looking at the cards together what do you see, feel, hear and receive from your intuition? Grab a journal and jot down your first impressions. Look at the details and symbols. Both figures hold an object in their hand, pressed to their heart. What do the cards mean to you? How and why might they be relevant for you?

Here are some of my spontaneous insights:

The Inner Teacher represents an inner authority, a wise, inner force or guide who is very confident and very wise. The Inner Teacher is connected to a higher, spiritual power that cannot be doubted and is always present if we know how to access it. 

Now, to access and embody that energy we need to trust ourselves. Trust our intuitive knowing, trust our feelings, trust our connection to a higher, loving power that gives us strength and courage. If we trust ourselves we can make mistakes and still be ok. We have self-compassion and our confidence does not buckle. 

☀️What would change in your life if you trusted yourself and listened to your Inner Teacher today?☀️