Where it all began

I first emerged into the vibrant world of art and creative self-expression over 15 years ago in Canada, while obtaining a degree in Art History, volunteering with children at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and selling my first collages at community art shows. After being asked about to teach my first workshop at a local art store, I was captivated by the dream of sharing my passion with others.

My spiritual journey

My personal and creative journey continued in Barcelona, Spain where I explored the connection between art and healing and, on a profoundly personal level, experienced the healing possibilities of art therapy in group and individual contexts. During this time, I fervently filled art journal after art journal, delighted by the striking imagery that seemed to emerge straight from the depths of heart and soul. I continued to fearlessly and intuitively express my deepest emotions, find my inner voice in a new visual language, and gain new insights into the correlation of art and life.

In 2018 I created my first oracle cards: The Inner Compass Oracle Deck, which is the truest expression of my creative soul. My art has expanded and evolved in new dimensions. It has become a natural addition to my spiritual path. In the summer of 2020 I released my first eCourse inspired by the symbolism of the compass.

My latest offering is the ‘Inner Journey Tarot – A 22 major arcana deck for intuitive Soul-Discovery‘.

My creative vision

My biggest joy and personal growth during my years in Spain came from holding a collage and mixed media art group for English speaking women from around the world which culminated in a group exhibition at a local gallery. I am fortunate to have met – and continue to meet – many incredible women and life-long friends who keep inspiring me.

After living abroad for 15 years, studying and teaching my creative passions, I established my studio and workshop space in Hamburg, Germany where I continue to thrive as an artist and facilitate workshops in intuitive collage for international women in English and German. My passion for creative expression, the healing arts and workshop facilitation keeps me emerged in ongoing educational experiences. In 2020 I completed a 2-year art therapy training program for art educators. I am grateful knowing that I have found my true calling combining all of these tools and gifts.

If you would like to work with me one-on-one to explore your intuitive wisdom with collage, I invite your to have a look at my “Art & Soul” Sessions  on this page.

SoulCollage® Facilitator & Creative Guide for Women

Facilitating workshops and working with women on one-on-one continues to be my main focus. Since becoming  a certified SoulCollage® facilitator in August 2019 I have collaborated with other women in facilitating holistic workshop experiences that include the combination of intuitive art with Yoga and SoulCollage®  in Hamburg. Since 2020 I have started to facilitate SoulCollage® workshops online and feel blessed having been able to create an amazing international online community of women from around the world. There are no words to describe the ways in which SoulCollage® is  bringing magic, growth and connection into my life and to witness the gifts it brings to others. To check out the current workshop schedule go here.

G(r)owing Slowly in 2023

This year I am taking things a bit more slowly and most of all take 12 months off social media 🙂 It is time to take a break from product launches, marketing campaigns, making Instagram reels and burning myself out along the way. Instead my focus is on exploring painting (instead of collage), a new journey for me which I truly enjoy, sketching out in nature, traveling and recharging my batteries with Yoga and other slow, mindful activities- all without the pressure to perform and achieve. I will document my journey in my blog whenever I feel like it.


Thank you for being here – I look forward to connecting with you!