Each instrument in my unique coaching toolbox, is intricately woven into a holistic, creative, and spiritual approach. This comprehensive toolkit provides a unique framework  for self-discovery, healing, empowerment and growth during times of change and transition.

Holistic Life Coaching

Integrate the power of transformational life coaching into your toolbox, offering personalized support during times of change and transition. Seamlessly woven into a holistic, creative, and spiritual approach, this coaching modality empowers you to navigate challenges, set meaningful goals, and realize your full potential.

Tarot Archetypes & The Hero's Journey

Uncover the wisdom of the Tarot archetypes that are currently active companions on your heroine's journey. They are ready to guide you through the intricacies of change. Each card becomes a mirror for self-reflection shedding light on your unique path and offering insights for navigating life's transitions and turning points.

Therapeutic Art Activities & SoulCollage®:

Heal, Transform, Integrate: Engage in therapeutic art activities, especially SoulCollage®, tailored for your journey of change. These activities facilitate healing, transformation, and integration, providing a creative and spiritual roadmap.

Intuitive Oracle Card Guidance

Dive into the realms of your intuition during times of change and transition. and tap into the profound wisdom of your Higher Self through simple oracle card spreads, offering guidance and clarity on your transformative journey.

Active Imagination & Guided Meditation

Journey within through active imagination and guided meditation, especially designed for times of change and transition. Uncover hidden realms of your psyche, access your inner sanctuary and gain transformative insights and deepened self-awareness.

Universal Symbols, Myth & Storytelling

Explore the Wheel of Life and harness the power of sacred symbols specifically significant during times of change. Delve into the magic of storytelling, where universal meanings become keys to understanding and navigating your personal myth and narrative.

Your Bonus Gift included in every Coaching Program is my "Inner Journey" Major Arcana Tarot Deck

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