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This magical  free class takes you into the world of archetypes, intuitive collage, and working with oracle and tarot cards. 

Includes a pdf guide with material list, tarot spread and introduction to the SoulCollage® method to give your images a voice.

Hi, I'm Heather

Welcome to your soulful sanctuary for creative self-transformation. I am a soul coach, intuitive  artist, and certified SoulCollage® facilitator, based in Hamburg, Germany. Deeply passionate about blending spirituality, psychology, and creativity, my programs and creations nurture your innermost self on your sacred life path. As an intuitive artist I transform my creations into tools that enrich and deepen your personal soul work in the form of oracle, tarot and affirmation decks as well as courses and coaching packages. Whether you’re a novice or seeking to deepen your personal growth journey in a creative and transformative way, I am happy you are here to join me on this adventure to unveil the magic within.

Explore your soul and express your innate creativity with my transformative coaching packages, workshops and online course offerings. These immersive experiences offer a sacred space for deep reflection, healing, self-empowerment and community connection. From SoulCollage® sessions to free inspirational videos, each offering is designed to nourish your spirit, ignite your creativity, and awaken your soul’s wisdom. 

Drawing from my expertise as a certified SoulCollage® facilitator and Jungian art therapy practitioner, I invite you to experience my new transformative soul coaching programs tailored for women navigating change and transition. Through transformative questioning techniques, therapeutic art exercises, SoulCollage® and intuitive tarot, we’ll unlock your wisdom within and illuminate your path forward with clarity and confidence.

As a certified SoulCollage® facilitator with extensive experience in both 1-on-1 and group settings, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey through the SoulCollage® process. with my comprehensive 6-module introduction course. Designed as the official prerequisite for the facilitator training, this course offers a guided experience of the SoulCollage® method, principles and process. You will receive an official certificate upon completion.

With this online course I invite you to take a delightful, self-discovery journey to activate your own soul compass! On this mini online retreat you will  explore 5 themes (your soul essence, your current path, your special gift, your true calling and a message from your Higher Self) through intuitive collage, paint, journaling and a guided meditation to create and activate your own “Inner Compass”.

Elevate your spiritual practice with my handcrafted oracle, tarot, and affirmation decks. Each card is meticulously designed and infused with intention to serve as a powerful tool for self-reflection, empowerment, and manifestation. Whether you’re seeking daily guidance, affirmation, or a deeper connection to your intuition, my beautifully crafted cards are here to inspire and uplift you on your journey.

The Inner Compass Oracle

My first handmade deck, the Inner Compass Oracle cards draw their rich symbolism from the world of dreams, spirit animals, plants and flowers, universal archetypes, and make use of the healing energy of color. Each card is a powerful tool for healing transformation and for aligning with the divine guidance that lies within your own soul.

The Inner Journey Tarot

The primary purpose of this hand-collaged 22 Major Arcana deck is to enrich your personal soul work. Each card invites you to discover your multi-dimensional self and to understand major archetypal life lessons and experiences from a spiritual perspective. The bonus eWorkbook is a deep-dive into the deck and guides you through your initiation process, amplifying your intuitive connection and insight. 

True Colors Affirmation Cards

The creation of this hand-painted affirmations card deck was born from my passion for intuitive painting, my experience with the power of positive affirmations, and the magical effects of color. I hope the True Colors Affirmation cards and journal will support you in shining the colors of your soul and bring you joy, inner peace, and transform your mindset.