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I am Heather, a mixed media collage artist and a firm believer in the interconnectedness of creative expression and emotional well-being. It is my heart-felt wish to share my passion for art and personal growth with other women and to guide you on your own creative soul path. Thank you for being here. I can't wait to connect with you!

Workshops & Classes

My mixed-media art workshops and courses celebrate sisterhood, and joyful expression of your creative voice in a relaxing, non-judgmental environment. I will guide you through the elements of art to help you make your own creative choices and discoveries. The focus is on the journey, not the destination. No previous art experience is necessary. Everything you need is inside waiting to surface. How exciting!

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"Thank you so much Heather, It is such a great experience to participate and share with you. You have a natural gift and talent to create from the heart and to guide others effortlessly to explore their creations. So when you teach it's an extra gift and bonus. Your joy becomes our joy and vice versa!

- Holly Hillen -

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