Colorful Emotions Bundle


This class bundle includes the two  workshops originally created for the 2021 “A Year in Color” Online Art Retreat

Exploring an Emotion with Color & Images

In this class you will explore an emotion through the use of color. You will work with coloring mediums on paper in the first part of the class and with colorful magazine images in the second part.

This class is meant as a creative mindfulness exercise to help you check in with your emotions and to explore them in a safe way on paper.

Exploring an Emotional Need through Color

In this class we explore an emotional need through color using different materials and mediums.

The approach is mindful, experimental, intuitive and process-oriented.

Discovering your emotional needs takes place on both conscious and subconscious levels. After introducing you to the concept of an “emotional need” the creative exercises in this bundle provide you with are a playful and effective way to explore them. 

Both classes encourage self-reflection through journaling and a desire for creative self-discovery.

  • No artistic skills or experience necessary to enjoy this class bundle
  • Life time access to video content plus downloadable course workbooks

DISCLAIMER: These are not art therapy classes


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