The Heroine’s Soul Guide to Transition eWorkbook


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With this creative soul guide, a 50-page eWorkbook packed with exercises, creative activities, journaling prompts, a ritual and lots of inspiration you’ll embark on your personal Heroine’s Journey through a transitional phase in your life. This is an exploration of the messy, chaotic in-between place where the journey between endings and new beginnings unfolds. Embrace the lessons, trust the process, and allow the miracle of transformation to unfold within. This is a deep and effective dive yet super enjoyable, calming and mindful.

What’s inside:

The In-Between Place: Understanding Transition: Transition, akin to the underworld or a frozen land, invites us to stand still and witness the natural cycle of endings and beginnings. As nature appears dormant on the outside during winter, everything is happening within. It’s a time of slowing down, where the process is mysterious and invisible yet deeply transformative.

Archetypal Lessons from the Tarot: The Hanged Man teaches us surrender, embracing the pause, while The Hermit guides us into introspection, delving into our inner wisdom. Reflect on these archetypes as mirrors to your own journey.

Guided Meditation: Embracing the Inner Journey: Take a moment to connect with your inner world. Through a guided meditation, explore the depths of the in-between space, acknowledging the mysterious and invisible processes unfolding within.

Therapeutic Collage Activity:  Express your inner life through a therapeutic collage. What is lost, forgotten, hidden, or surfacing? Discover the unconscious gifts emerging as you visually represent your unique journey as you cross the bridge from one life chapter to the next.

Tarot Spread: Navigating the Transition: Use a tailored 5-card tarot spread to gain insights into your transition. Let the cards be guides as you navigate the depths of your own transformation.

Mindfulness Coaching Exercise: challenge your mindset with an exercise designed to help you build a growth mindset during times of uncertainty by using the Three C’s Approach – Challenge, Choice, and Control.

Coming Back Renewed: By embracing the natural cycle and integrating the insights and tools gained, you will come back naturally with new hope, energy, vision, and direction.

*BONUS: celebrate and integrate your experiences with a holistic transition ritual*


  1. Self-Discovery: Uncover hidden aspects of yourself and gain a deeper understanding of your desires, fears, and aspirations.
  2. Clarity and Direction: Navigate the complexities of change with a clearer vision, setting the stage for intentional and purposeful action.
  3. Emotional Resilience: Develop emotional resilience by exploring and processing complex feelings associated with transition, fostering a sense of inner strength.
  4. Empowerment: Cultivate a sense of personal empowerment as you actively participate in your own journey, making conscious choices aligned with your authentic self.
  5. Creativity Unleashed: Tap into your creative side through therapeutic collage activities, allowing your unconscious mind to express itself visually.
  6. Psychological Insight: Gain valuable psychological insights as you explore archetypal lessons from the tarot, providing a framework for understanding your inner world.
  7. Spiritual Connection: Deepen your spiritual connection by engaging in guided meditations that facilitate introspection and connection with divine guidance.
  8. Mindfulness and Growth: Foster mindfulness and embrace a growth mindset, allowing you to move through the transitions with a sense of presence and openness to new possibilities.
  9. Goal Setting and Achievement: Set achievable goals and take practical steps towards a fulfilling and empowered life, anchoring your aspirations in tangible actions.
  10. Increased Self-Awareness: Heighten self-awareness by reflecting on journaling prompts that encourage introspection and exploration of your inner landscape.
  11. A Sense of Wholeness: Experience a profound sense of wholeness as you integrate the various aspects of your being, acknowledging the richness of your journey.

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Embark on a transformative odyssey with this comprehensive eWorkbook designed to guide you through life’s transitions. The holistic approach integrates mindfulness, creativity, and introspection to empower you during liminal states. Life’s transitions are like the heroic journey—a moment of suspended breath, the in-between place where the journey of endings and new beginnings unfolds. The exercises and activities in this soul companion invite you to embrace your unique narratives, face challenges with resilience, and emerge empowered, authentic, and transformed -acknowledging the depth of your experience and celebrating the strength derived from self-discovery . This eWorkbook is your guide through the in-between land, offering a space to stand still, witness, and trust the natural unfolding of your path.

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