Inner Peace is my Sanctuary

“Peace comes from within. 
Do not seek it without.” 

― Siddhārtha Gautam

If you are a highly sensitive empath like me you will probably feel the heavy energy in the world right now very intensely. We are just coming out of eclipse season and are entering the darkness of winter. The majority of November is dominated by Scorpio energy which is all about psychological depth, passionate emotions and inevitable transformation.

During such intense times I am so grateful to have spiritual mindfulness tools helping me to anchor body, mind and spirit. I might not be able to control things happening outside myself but I can always work on my attitude and perspective.

In my personal practice and with my clients I focus on working with images creatively and intuitively. Those images can be on tarot cards, oracle cards, coaching cards and on magazine images applying different methods of extracting the messages from the subconscious mind which have manifested in the form of a symbolic image. 

This past year another tool has found its way into my personal and professional toolbox: Affirmations. I have been finding them especially helpful when I feel anxious or overwhelmed with what is going on around me. Let me share a little bit about this practice with you.

How to work with affirmations

What are affirmations

An affirmation is a statement you make about yourself (or someone else) that you affirm to be true.

An affirmation can be positive or negative, Unfortunately, we affirm a lot of negative statements about ourselves and the world we live in to be true, whether we do this consciously or not.

Especially in times of stress, change, upheaval and loss it can be especially challenging to feel positive and hopeful. 

Having a daily practice to support peaceful and life-affirming thoughts and emotions can turn out to be a precious gift. Affirmations are one of them. It is all about working with them as a mindfulness tool on a consistent basis. 

Affirmations for a peaceful mind

Affirmations can help to release and balance negative thoughts and turn them into more realistic and kind ones. Negative thoughts can often feel harsh and even shaming. They can hurt us and others around us, too. They also tend to be irrational and often come from other people in our past that taught us to think this way. Thus, they do not even belong to us and it is time to stop identifying with them. Remember, that to detach from the thoughts that keep us small and in our comfort zone is a process, because what we think has been repeated over and over so many times in our mind that they can feel like the truth. Thinking in a new way means to step out of your comfort zone. Those new thoughts might not feel real or realistic. But this is just a believe that can be changed by practicing new thoughts.

However you choose to display your card, make sure to place it somewhere accessible so you see it throughout the day. Set the intention to spend a couple minutes each day reading the positive affirmations out loud. Imagine yourself in the magical landscape, indulge in the colors, and let the affirming words absorb into your being.

Calming affirmations

–  My mind and body are at peace.

–  I feel light and calm.

–  Harmony and peace surround me.

–  All is well and I am safe.

Benefits of Affirmations

* Help you reprogram your subconsciousness

* Lower your stress levels

* Decrease worry, fear, and anxiety

* Provide feelings of harmony, happiness, and optimism

Helpful exercises


Negative Thought: Wherever I look there are only bad things happening everywhere.

Realistic thought: While there are a lot of negative things going on in some parts of the world (or my world) there are also a lot of good things happening.

Positive thought: I choose to direct my focus on the good things everyday.

Whenever I feel stressed I take a deep breath, imagine myself in a magical landscape while repeating a calming affirmation . I retreat into an inner sanctuary through the card.

When I feel my thoughts racing I take my journal and write down my thoughts and feelings. Letting it out on paper acts as a release while at the same time makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings.

“Thought Awareness” exercise works wonders for taking inventory and re-phrase a thought into a more rational and and then turn it around into a more positive one. Try it and experience the shift that’s taking place. It can be big or small. Doing this on a continues basis has increased my sense of inner peace.

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