How Do you feel about Change?

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

The only constant is change!

You know the saying: The only constant is change! Just when things seem stable and predictable, you can expect some kind of upheaval to send you in a completely different direction. Oftentimes these life-altering moments are unexpected and even if they are positive changes they can take all our energy and leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Or maybe we know deep inside that it’s time for a change but we are too afraid to take the first step. After all, change means that something ends and something new is about to start. Between the ending and the new beginning often exists a transition period that can feel uncomfortable with its uncertainty.

 It’s comforting to remember that change is not a bad thing. In fact, it has the power to challenge and shape you into a more mature and resilient human being. Actually, I believe that we go through cycles of growth and maturity, entering new stages of consciousness in order to get closer to being our most authentic Self and fulfilling our purpose. Therefore, change is a powerful gateway to the next sacred phase in your life. We can’t stay stuck, we have to keep evolving. 

If you would like to do  the exercises I share in this post you need a journal, a pen and your favourite tarot and/or oracle deck.

Respond to each question without too much thinking and without any judgement by writing down your answers. Reflect on the prompts & your insights.

*  If there is a lot of change happening in your life right now there might be mixed feelings of embracing and resisting the changes simultaneously. How can both contribute to helping you navigate the change?

*  What scares you the most and why?

*  what is a positive outcome that could come from this change?

*  What would your future self tell you as encouragement during the change?

*  Envision your life as though the change/transition has already happened. How do you feel? What does your life look like now?

*  How can you use the tools and resources you already have, to start accepting and/or encouraging change in your life today?

A Tarot/Oracle card spread for guidance
from your Higher Self

Grab an oracle or tarot deck of your choosing and use this spread to receive guidance from your Higher Self. Pick additional cards for clarification.

Riding the winds of change




Surrender means to “stop resisting”. It means to give up control and being attached to a certain outcome.

 Breathing deeply and dropping into the body helps anchor in the present moment. 

Allow yourself to feel the fear, acknowledge your emotions. Then come back to your body and your breathing until you feel calmer and more peaceful.  Control is an illusion. It’s the need to control and “fight against” that causes the anxiety and stress more than the changes themselves. Accepting and flowing with the natural cause of events is true surrender. 

What can help you get into the state of surrender? Breathwork, Bodywork, Journaling, chanting, running, taking a hot bath, listening to a meditation or a soothing song, Getting encouragement and a hug from a friend?  Find out what works for you.

To take the hands off the steering wheel takes courage.
Each time you master a big life change and practice surrendering to the process you are growing and becoming more courageous. 

How does fearful resistance feel ? It can paralyze you and keep you stuck. How does courage feel? It can empower you and get you into action (aka using your tools and resources) when the moment has come to move and act.

What’s the worst case scenario? Is it realistic? Think about all the times in your life when you were faced with changes or wanted to make changes. Take your journal and write down how having courage helped you get through the challenges. What gave you courage then? How can you muster courage now?

I believe that we can only be truly courageous when we have faith. When we trust that we will be ok even without any input or forcing from our side.
Trusting in a higher power guiding us is one thing but trusting in yourself and your inner wisdom and strength makes you the co-creator of your destiny.

With the right tools and resources  you can trust that you have what it takes to initiate and/or navigate change.  Some tools are external and can be learnt and some tools are internal and you just need to activate and use them intentionally.

A very important one  is your intuition. Do you trust your intuition? Are you even listening to it? How has your intuition guided you in the past?  What happened in those cases where you did not trust yourself and went against your gut feeling?

Affirmations for Change

Write your own affirmations for “Surrender”, “Courage”, and “Self-Trust” and say them to yourself as often as possible.  
Below are some affirmations I wrote that help me feel safe and calm, yet open and empowered.



  1. Malta says

    That fact that I randomly selected to read your email today attests to me that the universe or source of hears my prayers. I am currently going thru a major life change and getting to where I am now has not been an easy Journey. I have had to learn to “let go” which I know is never easy but in doing so I am beginning to see that in doing so I am making space for new experiences new thought processes and a new beginning. The messages I have read today have been a source of comfort and I feel inspired and I feel that I have received guidance that is somehow relevant to my current circumstances. Thank you.

    • Heather Hoeps says

      Hello 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to let me know you found the guidance in this post comforting and inspiring. That was exactly my intention. I send you light and strength for your journey. One day you will look back at this time and see how much you have grown and how valuable all the lessons were. Much love.

  2. Rena says

    Hi Heather, I read this blog post today after finally getting a chance to read your email. I love this, the whole message is exactly what I needed. You’re so talented at distilling these wonderful messages, thank you for sharing your special gifts with the world 🙏😘

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